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Cart Abandonment Emails

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Cart abandonment emails are meant to lure customers back in who added a product to their shopping cart but exited out of the website without buying the item. Studies have shown up to three quarters of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts, resulting in a lot of missed sales opportunities for the retailer.

While some of those customers never had the intention of following through with the order to begin with, there are some circumstances in which sending cart abandonment emails is worth the effort. There are factors that would lead the customer to leave an abandoned shopping cart unintentionally, such as the website crashing, computer or internet problems, or because the website timed out. In these cases, sending a shopping cart abandonment email can recover the sale you might’ve otherwise lost. By sending the email while the purchase is still on their mind, companies make it easy for the consumer to complete the order.


Ryzeo’s Automated E-Commerce Campaigns

Allow our experts to craft an Automated E-Commerce Campaign, which includes cart abandonment emails. This campaign will send your customers emails with products they browsed on your website, as well as abandoned shopping cart reminders and recommendations based on their purchasing history.

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